The Greyhound Inn



The Greyhound Inn dates back from the early 1800s  The first Stage Coach to cross the bridge at Selby en route to York was in 1779. Passing through Riccall would have been an ideal place for passengers to rest. The Coach Houses & Stables at the Inn are situated to the side of the main building which is listed and a special feature.


 The Greyhound Inn signs interpret this name in different ways. They sometimes show a famous mailcoach which travelled between London and Birmingham and this maybe the case travelling to York passing through Riccall. Usually the greyhound itself is shown.  It has also been known as a gazehound, because it relies more on sight than smell.  The greyhound was formerly used in the chase, but is now mainly associated with greyhound racing or greycing. The grey of greyhound has nothing to do with the colour but is a different word of uncertain origin.


 The history of The Greyhound Inn features most prominently towards the end of the 19th Century.  It was the site of the meetings of the Court Leet & Baron held on behalf of the Lord of the Manor, Lord Wenlock.  At that time the Licensee was magnificently named  Thomas Silversides Slater.  When the 1901 census was conducted, the village enumerator was the Licensee of The Greyhound  Joseph Hanley.


 Another feature is the Winged Wheels’plaque on the front of The Greyhound which is the badge of the Cyclists Touring Club.  These plaques are now rare and date from the era when bicycle was the fastest form of road transport in that brief period between its maturity and being over-whelmed by the motor car. The WW represented a method of hotel and inn gradings and discounts long before the AA came into existence and introduced its Star ratings.  In 1888 the club began placing the 2 ft diameter cast iron wheels on the buildings as evidence that they were CTC appointed.  Hoteliers were charged a deposit for them and they remain the property of the club to this day although it may now be a little difficult to enforce after all this time.


 Further History and Information on Riccall & The Vikings Landing can be viewed at The Greyhound Inn.


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